"Church Girls 2" is out RIGHT NOW!



As a church girl herself, Sheridan decided to pen a fictional tale about the friendship between 5 Church Girls. Join Shyanne, Selena, Kyra, Miriam and Lisa as they plow through the ups and downs of friendship. Their positions in the church do not exempt them from drama and disappointment. Through their lenses, you will see that Church Girls are just like your girls!




The number 2 is the first whole that can be divided. When betrayal sears this friendship group, it causes them to be more divided than ever--rendering one lifeless. In this second installment of "Church Girls", will these friends reclaim their time even through loss? Will love conquer all they have lost? Will they forgive the unforgivable? Or will these Church Girls leave even more damaged than before?


Church Girls 2 - AUDIOBOOK