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Author of Amazon Kindle's bestselling novel, "Church Girls"!

"Church Girls 2" is available NOW!!!!


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Sheridan S. Davis is a Chicago native. She was born into a sanging, preaching, entertaining family, thus she follows the same trend.  

She's done her fair share of acting in theater and music theater. She wrote and directed her first stage play, 

"Pretty for A Dark-Skin Girl," 

in May of 2016.  

Sheridan has been releasing and writing books since May of 2014. 

This list includes: "Saved Sex," "Pretty for a Dark-Skin Girl," "I'm Nobody's Ruth," and "Church Girls". The last two have been released under her publishing company, Chocolate Chip & Co.  

Sheridan S. Davis is an ordained minister and is well on her way to becoming a mogul, taking the world by storm one person at a time.